Meet the Team

Andrzej Diug

Andrzej Duig had owned his business in Poland, so it was a natural step for him to use his jewellery manufacturing skills to support his family when he migrated to Melbourne. In 1984, Andrzej and his business partner Robert Biasibetti established DB Jewellery, creating high-quality jewellery for retail businesses. This family-based business has trained apprentices and provided an important service to Melbourne’s jewellery industry, and remains in the central city to be close to other manufacturers and their suppliers. Andrezej is proud of the Polish and Italian partnership and the contributions he and Robert make their community.

Robert Biasibetti

Robert Biasibetti opened D.B. Jewellery in January 1984 with Andrew. A first generation Australian of Italian parents, Robert brings extensive experience and charisma to the business/ His skills have combined well with Andrezej’s creative talents to underpin a lasting business partnership. D.B Jewellery’s attention to detail and high-quality products is the reason for a strong and loyal customer base. The central city position for Robert means that he gets to stay close to his customers and provides an opportunity to be a part of the vibrant Melbourne lifestyle.